Comprehensive Project Management Services for your Home Renovation or New Build in Brittany, France

Purchasing a property in Brittany that requires full-scale or minor renovations need not be a source of worry.

We offer architectural to project management services for your renovations and new builds. We are experienced in this field and employ reputable registered tradesmen from Brittany.

We handle all related procedures (see below) in order to give you the pleasure of seeing your project materialise while you relax.

  • Architectural Plans

    We work closely with local architects so that your plans are completed to your satisfaction. We also undertake minor changes to existing plans at competitive prices.

  • Planning Permission

    We visit the person in charge of your geographical sector in order to obtain a pre-approval. If your dossier is incomplete, we also undertake the various changes required prior to submitting the dossier. We liaise with the various authorities involved in order to obtain permission at a quicker pace.

  • Project Management

    We obtain quotations from our team of highly qualified local and registered tradesmen at competitive prices. We employ them because they know Breton properties like no other. They make sure that the European norms are respected. This point is important in the event of a future sale and besides, it really helps you to integrate better within the local community.

    Apart from translating quotations, we prepare comparative charts should you require more than one quotation for a trade. Unlike the UK, French artisans are specialised in their building trade which results in contacting at least four or more tradesmen to undertake their line of trade.

    We organise starting and completion dates and strive to ensure that they are respected.

  • Overseeing

    We make regular visits to your property, meet the tradesmen at work and regularly update you with photographs. We are in regular touch with the tradesmen via telephone calls, emails and site meetings so that your project moves smoothly and efficiently.

  • Paperwork

    We can efficiently handle all your paperwork from start to finish. This includes all administrative formalities relating to Planning Permission, payments to tradesmen and budget controls. We keep a check on all payments, ensure that the invoices match the quotations and forward you copies of all documents on a regular basis.

A Selection of our Completed Projects

  • renovated breton house facade after
  • breton house facade before renovation
  • renovated breton house general view
  • lounge after renovation
  • lounge before renovation

It all started with the full renovation of my Breton longhouse or “longère” in Lizio, Morbihan. Living in Paris at the time, I realised the need to have someone reliable to oversee the project as regular commuting to Brittany was not possible. Finally completed after two years!

  • breton house facade2-before renovation
  • renovated breton house facade1-after1
  • breton house before renovation facade1-before
  • renovated breton house facade1-after
  • lounge after renovation
  • lounge before renovation
  • rear of breton house after renovation
  • rear of breton house before renovation
  • site meeting during renovation work

Full renovation, including two extensions (conservatory and boiler/laundry room) and an internal courtyard.

  • renovated breton house facade-after
  • breton house in ruins facade-before renovation
  • kitchen dining of renovated house
  • kitchen dining during renovations
  • roof frame and attic area during work
  • facade of house renovated

A complete renovation and extension of two small houses, plus the addition of a swimming pool.

  • swimming pool
  • swimming pool being built
  • swimming pool being built before liner
  • tiling around the swimming pool
  • swimming pool and house
  • construction of new house front facade
  • contstruction of new house rear facade
  • footings for new house construction
  • walls erected for new house
  • roof frame on new build house
  • roofing in progress and dormer windows
  • concrete flooring and plasterboarding in newly built house
  • client with photos of her newly built house
  • renovation team having a toast

New build. See the main stages of the work and a group photo with my client and tradesmen.

  • breton longhouse facade after renovation
  • living room after renovation
  • living room before renovation
  • bedroom after renovation with A frame
  • roof frame of bedroom during renovation
  • bedroom with fireplace after renovation
  • roofing in progress

Full renovation of house in the middle, partial renovations of houses on either side.

  • septic tank system being installed
  • digging work for septic tank work
  • pipes for soakaway drainage system
  • rear of house with new septic tank system
  • breton house renovated facade after
  • breton house before renovation
  • sitting and dining area of renovated breton house
  • before renovation of old house
  • side of renovated house
  • side of house before renovation

Renovation of a Breton stone house and its outbuilding, plus installing an individual drainage system with a septic tank.