Important changes that will affect you in 2022

Important changes that will affect you in 2022 A number of measures came into effect on 1st January 2022 . These important changes will affect your life in France by impacting your income, taxes, health, housing and more. Read our comprehensive guide here. List of Contents: Important Changes to Improve [...]

Guide: Storing Paperwork in France

Guide to organising and storing your paperwork This can be a daunting task in France. Which documents do you keep and for how long? It is baffling to many people, even to the French. I have researched, obtained comprehensive information and compiled a guide on how long we should keep the various documents that [...]

All about Selling Your Property in France

All about Selling Your Property in France The property market in France is currently buoyant where demand exceeds supply. This is particularly so in Brittany which remains one of the most popular destinations for both British and French buyers seeking an unspoilt French region. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, properties for sale in certain [...]

The Importance of Hiring a Translator

As a Translator, my first post has to be this article taken from the French Property website. It stresses the need to have a qualified Translator to assist you during meetings with Notaries, whether it is to purchase or sell a property, establishing a will or handling inheritance matters. "Notaires" or Notaries are obliged to [...]

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