Relocation and Administrative Services – Your Virtual Bilingual Assistant

Bonneau Services is one of the oldest relocation companies in Brittany accomplished in customer satisfaction.

By hiring our services, you are assured of clarity and accuracy.

Excited at the prospect of moving to Brittany? The French bureaucratic system could be a minefield for those who do not speak French or understand the French administrative system. Conversant with the French administrative system, we are qualified and have the experience to assist and handle all formalities relating to your life in France.

Examples of what we can offer:

  • property searching, interpreting services for meetings with property agencies and architects

  • assistance in drafting sales agreements and inheritance matters with notaries and solicitors, including visits to their offices in your presence

  • assistance in banking and consumer matters

  • subscribing to utilities (electricity, water, gas, internet) and insurance policies

  • registering with the French health service (Social Security) and with other Government services and benefits

  • assisting you with all types of administrative work, including residency formalities, tax returns, car registrations, obtaining a French driving licence and more

  • registering your business in France and assisting you with all the related paperwork

  • Power of attorney to handle some aspects of your business and personal matters pertaining to your departure from France

  • Interpreting services for official meetings, social and business events

Any other queries? We would be pleased to assist and undertake your tasks be they big or small.

Your Virtual Bilingual Assistant

A virtual assistant is an independent worker who assists businesses with administrative, business development, marketing or other tasks. By taking on recurring time consuming tasks and administrative work, a virtual assistant can help your business maintain a high quality of work, lower running costs, as well as free up valuable time which would allow companies to focus on developing their business.

Examples of tasks:

  • Managing your appointments by coordinating and scheduling calls and appointments, confirming appointments and providing reminders.

  • Performing light receptionist work like receiving your forwarded calls, transcribing voicemails and any follow-up activities.

  • Arranging flights, hotels and other means of transport by researching them as per your preferences, including any special rates you get and presenting you with a shortlist.

  • Simple digital marketing tasks.

  • Proofreading and editing letters and reports or writing them in English and in French as per your requirements.

  • Translating letters, reports or other documents in English or in French.

  • Processing online orders and refunds.

  • Personal tasks such as restaurant reservations, scheduling medical appointments etc.


Guidelines to ensure a smooth working relationship:

  • A written job description would be required. It reduces the risk of misunderstandings that can occur in a remote working relationship. Based on your requirements, tasks can be invoiced by the hour, per week or month.

  • Absolute confidentiality, meeting your deadlines, quality control and competitive rates are some of my priorities.

  • Maintaining a clear communication at all times

  • Staying connected is pivotal and having an assistant who is comfortable with your working hours.

  • Keeping you updated on progress from time to time in order to help eliminate miscommunications.

photo of Aiesha Bonneau

Why choose me?

People employed as virtual assistants often have several years of experience as an administrative assistant or office manager.

My long term career as a Bilingual Executive Assistant (English and French) and Office Manager for two large international banks qualifies me to offer my services as a Virtual Assistant.

I am in a position to undertake all your secretarial duties such as scheduling appointments, answering and making calls, writing letters or emails to clients and making travel arrangements.

In general, I can undertake any administrative work that can be done online or over the telephone.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a game changer.

It could be the key to your success.

Relocating to France: What France Can Offer You

French could be a handicap if you do not speak the language. That is why we set up our business to help you to settle in smoothly and to make Brittany/ France your home.

Integrating within the local community can be achieved by learning some French. Making an effort to speak a few words with your neighbours or in shops for example is also highly appreciated.

France is widely recognised as having a better quality of life. Some of the reasons given by my clients (mostly British) are:

  • French weather is generally better all year around.
  • The French work to live and not live to work. They have more holidays, work less hours, have an active social life and retire at an earlier age.
  • France has a slower pace of life, with an emphasis on enjoying a relaxed lifestyle. The crime rate in general is low. Many British clients moving to the countryside have commented on how France has managed to preserve its easy way of life, so reminiscent of how life was a few decades ago in the UK.
  • French food and wines are renowned the world over. Leisurely meals with family and friends are part of normal, every day life.
  • Fresh local produce like vegetables, meats and cheeses are widely available and a sheer delight to find at local markets.
  • Properties in rural France are bigger, come with more land and are cheaper.
  • The cost of living in also lower than in the UK. Local taxes are also cheaper.

These are just a few of the reasons why making the move to France is a good idea!

Photo of Aiesha Bonneau

Enjoying the French way of life!

Photo of Pont Aven, town in Brittany, with houses and river

Breton properties

Serent town in Brittany, houses and church, flagstone road

A typical Breton town