Comprehensive translation and interpreting services to ensure that all parties clearly understand each other. By hiring our services, you are assured of clarity and accuracy.

French and English Translation and Interpreting Services:

A good translation considers context and demands a precise knowledge of technical terms.

Being bilingual does not imply that you are a translator. Moreover, translations undertaken by software often lack fluidity, could be misconceived or simply wrong!

We are not only bilingual but also knowledgeable about the contractual language that must be used in your documents and during our interpreting sessions with you (meetings with Government officials, companies, tradesmen, wedding ceremonies etc). We offer simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services.

Read our article on The Importance of Hiring a Translator in relation to property purchases and sales.

Technical Translations:

We are qualified and have the required expertise to translate the following documents:

  • Notarial/ Legal documents: sales agreements, title deeds, powers of attorney, wills, inheritance matters, divorces (Decree Absolute), birth and death certificates, marriage certificates etc.

  • Insurance: No claims certificates, home and contents insurance policies, car insurance policies, as well as quotations etc.

  • .Construction: building work quotations and invoices, building contracts, leases etc.
  • Official documents: tax forms, correspondence from Government offices etc.

  • Financial: various banking and financial contracts, loan/ mortgage agreements, balance sheets

  •  Others: diplomas and general correspondence etc.

Please note that translations can be undertaken by email and via the postal system.

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