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What We Can Offer You

We are qualified and have the experience to assist you in all aspects of your life in France.

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We are efficient and offer quality services at competitive prices. Moreover, as a professional translation company, we are governed by the rules of ethics and confidentiality.

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Our Commitments

  • We translate within the domains of our expertise.
  • We translate your texts whilst keeping in mind the terms and the style related to the targeted culture.
  • We may be required to contact you during the translation process or during any other tasks bestowed on us in order to render accurate and professional results.
  • We continuously strive to perfect our knowledge and skills.
  • With an aim to give you our best, we only accept translation work which can be undertaken within the requested time frame.
  • We respect your privacy and the information you give us and take confidentiality very seriously.

Our Prices

Translations: based on the number of words contained in the source document, on the complexity of the subject (general or technical), the urgency and the formats (either paper or digital such as .doc, .docx, pdf, xls, html).

Proofreading: based on the number of words translated or the time taken to redraft the text.

Interpreting: based on the complexity (general or technical) and the time taken. Travelling expenses shall be applied if required.

Administrative/ general services: based on the complexity, the time taken or the urgent nature of the tasks.

Quotations: are given promptly and based on your request.

Payments: by means of French cheques,bank transfers, PayPal and in cash upon receipt of completed work by individuals and, in accordance with the European directives, within 60 days for businesses.